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We took a look at the upcoming art fair ARTi, where veteran and emerging local artists' works take the spotlight

Work of artist Anna Lukashevsky. Courtesy of Rosenfeld Gallery's booth
Work of artist Anna Lukashevsky. Courtesy of Rosenfeld Gallery's booth
3 במרץ 2016

ARTi is no ordinary art fair. One of the driving forces behind this new initiative is to prove that even in a relatively small market such as Israel, there are enough people who can value, enjoy, and purchase original Israeli art.
ARTi is the first fair of its kind to be held in Israel with 13 galleries, several independent projects, and art leaders all featuring works of contemporary local art. Based on existing models which are common in the international market in cities such as Basel, London, Miami, the fair is part of a growing trend of art events that combine all the leading brands in a specific field under one roof.

Behind this unique event is Galia Hazan Tiroche, owner of Tiroche Auction House, where all the arty fun will be taking place. This successful female innovator says that the main motivation for holding ARTi is to provide a stage for quality galleries and original artists to present their works to a broader and more versatile audience.

Work of artist Tal Shochat
Work of artist Tal Shochat

Galia comes from a long line of art dealers and collectors – her father and uncle founded the Tiroche Auction House 23 years ago. She explains that ARTi is unique not only because it’s the first time such an event is happening in Israel, but also because it puts the emphasis on galleries as leaders of public opinion regarding art, with minimal curator intervention, therefore reflecting the true Israeli reality and combining a large array of artists and galleries. An important part of ARTi is to bring works of art at affordable prices and encourage a broader public to get up close and personal with Israeli art, with many of the pieces ranging from NIS 2,000 to NIS 12,000. ”We insist on opening up the market to a bigger and younger crowd, and breaking the stigma – art is not just for the rich,” Galia says. “That is the reason you should expect ARTi to be the home of original, versatile, and innovative art.”

Work of artist Angelika Sher. Courtesy of START Gallery's booth
Work of artist Angelika Sher. Courtesy of START Gallery's booth

Two of the most exciting female artists taking part in ARTi are especially involved in this innovative project and are sound examples of what it’s like to be a female artist living and working in Israel.

Anna Lukashevsky from the Rosenfeld Gallery is part of the New Barbizon group, which consists of five female artists of Russian origin who paint outside to experience interesting interactions with people passing by. She says that it is important to support new initiatives in the art world, especially ones that are aimed at connecting new and wider audiences to contemporary art.

At ARTi, Lukashevsky will present small works, showing fragments of her surroundings in a way that could even be traced to impressionism. These paintings depict moments of her life in Haifa, a city that she finds to be a “strange, abandoned, and spectacular place.”

Angelika Sher from START Gallery says that being a female artist in Israel means working very hard, staying updated all the time, and always being “reflective, sharp, and clear.” Sher, who established herself as a critically-acclaimed professional photographer through a series of exhibitions both in Israel and abroad, will be presenting works from her series "Growing Down," which takes teenagers and transforms them into a very defined environment in terms of time.

When comparing the Israeli scene to other places where similar fairs have taken place, Sher says the art in Israel is high level, with collections from old masters mixed with contemporary art that is really “accurate, interesting, and spicy.”

Opens March 10 starting from 16:00-22:00; Friday, March 11, 11:00-16:00; Saturday, March 12 11:00-22:00; Sunday, March 13 16:00-22:00.
Tiroche Auction House, De Shalit Sq, Herzliya Pituach.
Free entrance, registration required: