Back to the Future

11 ביולי 2016

Think cultural heroes of previous decades: Naama Bezalel’s ‘My Heroines’ summer 2016 collection is here. Based on inspirational on- and off-screen heroines of the 1970s, the collection takes you back to the period of one channel when everybody watched the same programs. It features the colors of the season – blue, red and white, and also various shades of denim. Naama chose to remember four figures that represent a nostalgia for those days.

Photo courtesy of PR
Photo courtesy of PR

Legendary gymnast Nadia Comaneci won many medals and performed in two Olympic championships, an inspiration for young women at the time. Now she is the inspiration for the Ultima design in this collection. Items include a number of dresses, miniskirts, loose blouses, pants and swimwear with a prominent motif of two finishing bands. Colors used include blue, red, black, and white, with a little orange and yellow. Farrah Fawcett was most famous for her appearance in TV series “Charlie’s Angels” and for her iconic haircut. As she was often photographed in jeans, the items inspired by her include lots of denim of different thicknesses and textures, high-wasted long and knee-length pants, Bermuda shorts, skirts with buckles, shirts and sundresses. Italian actress Sophia Loren became famous in the ’50s. Today, she is also known for her exotic beauty and curvaceous figure. The line represents her through floral dresses, maxi skirts, shirts and clothes inspired by the ’50s and ’60s Italian Riviera. The collection is very feminine, with cuts that emphasize the waistline. And for an off-screen inspiration, Amelia Earhart was the first American Pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic. Demonstrating real-life heroism, she was quite a feminist icon: adventurous and uninhibited. She has inspired a casual range featuring prints of a motif-style plane, based on the jet aircraft around at the beginning of the century. The plane motif is also prominent in the shop window of Naama stores, and on the pocket of a pair of Bermuda shorts, with the quote “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” Now there’s inspiration.

Prices range- NIS 349-699 and vary depending on promotions in store. Stores: 212 Dizengoff St, Tel Aviv. Renanim, Designer’s Gallery, Ra’anana. 204 Herzl St, Rehovot; 35 Jaffa St, Haifa; 4 Ben Gurion Blvd, Rishon Lezion; 27 King George St, Jerusalem; King Solomon’s Promenade, Designers Gallery, Eilat; Kenyon Hill, 31 Yoni Netanyahu St, Givat Shmuel (