PIXELated Performers

In this unique performance, modern dance gets a technical upgrade

13 ביוני 2016

Meet PIXEL – an impressive combination of urban contemporary dance, circus performance, and innovative digital technology used as scenery. Popular for several years, this recent global trend in the performance industry sees artists combine dance techniques with video and computer elements. This month, PIXEL will arrive in Israel in the form of an international show straight from France. Choreographer Mourad Merzouki created the show with several dancers and a pair of artists. Yielding glowing reviews throughout Europe, PIXEL is now famous within the world of International Contemporary Dance. The technology behind it is ‘E-motion.’ Able to create optical illusions on stage in the form of a three-dimensional digital backdrop, E-motion inspires reciprocal movement between graphical objects. The dancers respond to the illusions, which include simulated mountains, hills, and rain. For example, an onstage wall will look huge, start spinning, and then fall down toward the audience – dancers must be prepared. And they must be precise: when every single move you make affects a digital connection, the show rests on each individual performer. Not one to miss.

Photo by Laurent Philippe
Photo by Laurent Philippe

Jun 14-18. Tue, Wed, Thu- 20:30. Fri- 13:00, 21:00. Sat- 16:30, 21:00. Prices range- NIS 269-339. Performing Arts Center, Herzliya. For tickets go to this website (hoh-herzliya.co.il), and for more information visit (touristisrael.com)