Scent of a Secret

The Zaritsky Artists’ House welcomes Odelia Elhanani’s solo exhibition "Scent of a Secret" this month

3 במרץ 2016

For a beautiful art exhibit with a strong sociocultural message, head down to the Zaritsky Artists’ House as it welcomes Odelia Elhanani’s solo exhibition "Scent of a Secret" this month. Originally founded to cater to emerging artists’ professional and social needs, the Zaritsky Artists' House is now a landmark for the Telavivian artistic community.

Elhanani's exhibition "conducts a critical cultural dialogue" with the concept of womanhood and the secrets that come with it. Hence the exhibition is a tribute to the act of washing one’s dirty laundry, both literally and figuratively. Visitors can come and admire a spectacular and meticulously woven tapestry, which is the result of a collaboration with the Association for the Improvement of Bedouin Women's Status in the southern village of Lakiya. The medium of embroidery was chosen because "it is a ancient communal handcraft during which women traditionally sat together, worked, and shared personal stories, sheltered form the rest of the community," says Elhanani, who was able to experience this kind of work for herself during the collaboration.

Courtesy of PR
Courtesy of PR

Elhanani’s work draws inspiration from touristic photographs and famous paintings alike. Her medley of photography, paint, and tapestry highlights an impeccable technique and breaks the geographical barriers between  Eastern and Western worlds by focusing on the universally female manual labor that is laundry. "This is the history of art, the history of laundresses and of embroiderers and of women in general."

The installation combines dimensions, colors, and textures to really bring the artist’s work to life. A river finds its source in the tapestry, and flows into a stream of clothes twisting along the floor. The Zaritsky Artists’ House has also planned to host a gallery talk on the Bedouin women and the issues they face due to recent political insecurity, and the importance of female empowerment in general, scheduled for April 16.

On display through Mar 31. 9 Alcharizi St, Tel Aviv (