My Shirt is Breathing

Starting March 25, this revolutionary exhibit makes connections between the living and the computerized


In an effort to decipher the complex relations between man, computer and the digital world, Beit Ha'Ir's newest exhibit addresses the blurred boundaries between the human body and smart materials through wearable technologies and their evolution in the worlds of fashion and innovation.

The exhibit displays smart clothing with sets of apparel, textiles and objects all exposing the work processes behind them with videos and installations. The presentation reviews the items both on the human body and in its immediate environment in terms of anatomy, design, material and textiles and they're interactive responses through signals, sensors and data processing.

The exhibition will include works by Sabine Staartjes (Netherlands), Melissa Coleman (Netherlands), Ying Gao (Geneva/Montreal), Pauline van Dongen (Netherlands), Younghui Kim (Korea/USA).

Mar 25 – Oct. Beit Ha'ir Museum, Bialik Circle, Tel Aviv. 03-7240311. See: Beit Hair