Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is upon us once again, and with it comes the task of purging your closet… or scouring someone else’s

7 באפריל 2016

The time is ripe to do as any environmentally-conscious Israeli fashionista would do: hit Tel Aviv’s second-hand circuit. The city is brimming with creative responses to last season’s closet castoffs.

Here are five ways to sort the trash and the treasures and snag the best bargains along the way:

Sell or Shop Second-hand

Aderet, photo: Facebook page
Aderet, photo: Facebook page

Aderet, Tel Aviv’s central address for all things vintage is fittingly named after a garb that dates back to the Holy Temple. Ofira Oberweger, the founder and high priestess of used clothing opened the Bogroshov boutique 12 years ago to offer an environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient alternative for Tel Aviv shoppers. If retro is what you wear, Aderet has got you covered. If big brands are what you fancy, they’ve got you covered, too. Check back regularly because their stock is constantly being replenished by Tel Aviv tastemakers. If you’re one of them: take an appointment to peddle your goods. Compensation is in the form of store credit (40% of the resell value) or cash (25% of the resell value.)

53 Bogroshov St, Tel Aviv (03-6203854/aderet-store.com)

Get virtual with your vintage

Nitichic, photo: Facebook page
Nitichic, photo: Facebook page

Nitichic, the Raanana-based consignment shop reputed for its deeply discounted designer duds operates online too. Browse for bargains while in town and continue from home- wherever that may be. A new website is in the works to upgrade your eco-shopping experience. Looking for the ghost of Gucci past? This is where you might find it. Shop owner, Ronit Silberman attracts the good stuff with a handsome reward system offering sellers between 40-50% of profits- turning the schlep to the suburbs into a holy fashion pilgrimage.   

172 Ahuza St, Raanana (09-7467321/nitichic.com)

Upcycle à la PopLove Design

PopLove Designs, photo: Facebook page
PopLove Designs, photo: Facebook page

Canadian-Israeli fashion couple Andrea Hughes and Shai Wallach have built a business by taking apart old threads and creating new and better ones. “It’s easy,” Shai insists. “All you need are two items you don’t wear anymore, a sewing machine and some inspiration to experiment with designs. The best part is that there is no risk of ruining something valuable and there is no waste.” The designing duo recommends you make use of items of high and durable quality for your own project; and ensure they are properly cleaned first.  Their eco-friendly men’s line, PopLove Design is sold on Etsy.


Trade your threads

Trench, photo: Facebook page
Trench, photo: Facebook page

Gather your highly fashionable girlfriends around a table of cocktails and clothes and let the trading begin. Clothing swaps can upgrade your closet at no-cost quickly. Adi Shemesh, founder and CEO of Trench, the soon-to-launch, web-based service knows all about that. Her fashion economy platform converts your used clothes into liquid assets that earn you more clothes. The value of your discarded items is determined according to demand and assigned a diamond currency equivalent to encourage you to shop wherever you are based on a geo-localized algorithm! The Tel Aviv team’s take-over of US closets begins this month!


Turn your fashion statement into a socially conscious statement

Tel Aviv offers a couple of opportunities to give back to the community by buying and selling used clothes.

Make your fashion spree a philanthropic one by visiting Bigudit, a WIZO-run second-hand shop that redirects its proceeds to support working women.

If you’re wondering what those big blue bins are all over the city, they are a Rosnir initiative to recycle used clothing. Dump your fashion faux-pas and they will do the rest. The 10 tons of clothing they collect monthly are redistributed, repackaged, repurposed or recycled depending on their composition.

35 King George St, Tel Aviv (03-6206851)