Stand Up for Hannibal Buress

As well as playing Lincoln on ‘Broad City,’ Hannibal Buress is an extraordinarily talented stand-up comedian coming to Israel

13 ביוני 2016

Coming to a country full of all the baggage, prejudice, and presumptions of Israel, have you had to adapt your material at all?

I will address some things, but more so figure it out while I’m there which I think is the best way to go about sensitive topics. If it goes poorly and I do something on the fly, it’s not like I’m in Israel for a month. I’ll do my best to accommodate the crowd and try to work ‘em, if they don’t work that’s fine I leave the day after! [Laughs] It just makes more sense in a place like Israel where I’m going for the first time, I can’t do a run of three shows because I don’t have that big of a fan base there yet. Perk is that we plan on getting into Tel Aviv a couple of days earlier to get a feel of the city, learn the history a little bit, check out the beaches and go to spots that the locals go.

What’s the best thing about being a comedian, who can get to travel around the world?

The reason I got a passport in the first place was because I do stand-up comedy. It’s a blessing to be able to do that – being able to go visit places that I would never have gone to if I wasn’t doing what I do. I get to meet people, make friends in different countries, and learn about the world and different cultures in a very active way versus if I went on vacation.

Your acting always seems to be a version of you, and never these outlandish characters.

Or! Maybe I’m an outlandish character in real life, and I’m acting like a regular person.

Stand up is immediate: it’s just you and the audience, whereas writing for television is a collaboration of sorts. Is there a different mode of thinking?

It’s easier because when I’m acting people just give me the words to say, and I figure out the angle and the way to say them. I enjoy [stand-up] more because I have more control, but it’s tougher and more active. 

June 29. Doors 20:30. Opera House, Tel Aviv