Custom Made

11 ביולי 2016

When it comes to hair treatments, one size definitely does not fit all. Even so, many hairstylists tend to offer all their clients the at-the-time trendy treatment, without taking their different wants and needs into consideration. A new treatment, performed by celebrity hairstylist Marcel Reboh at his new and beautiful salon at Dan Hotel – sets out to change that. This treatment, based on organic keratin, argan oil and shea butter, is specifically designed to repair damaged and colored hair, without compromising the clients’ wishes. The product allows the hairdresser to customize the outcome, so that each client receives the result she craves. The product basically adds a protective coat to your hair, and can be easily controlled, in order to achieve either a straighter or a wavier look. The product – which is approved by the Ministry of Health – is imported from Miami, home to one of Reboh’s salons, alongside Los Angeles, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The process of applying it is pretty simple – after washing the hair thoroughly, the product is applied and left to set for an hour and half to two hours. To speed up and maximize the process, a special device blows steam on the clients’ hair, created from purified water with extra keratin. While you wait, you might find yourself surrounded with photos of familiar faces, as Reboh has worked with celebrities and models such as the Kardashians and Paris Hilton in the past.

I asked Reboh for a straighter version of the treatment, and was ensured that my hair won’t lose its volume and body in the process. The day after the treatment I did notice that my hair was shiny, silky and much healthier looking. The treatment also helped to repair my split ends, which means I won’t have to cut my hair and lose my length, at least for a few months. The treatment costs between 800-1,500 NIS, depending on the length of the hair, and lasts up to five months.

Marcel Reboh, Dan Hotel, 99 HaYarkon St, Tel Aviv. Make appointments by email: or phone: 052-3161213