How to Party Like a Local in Ramallah

Planning a night out in a bustling city like Ramallah requires taking a few things into account, such as the music you like, what kind of people you want to meet (or not) and how much you want to spend. The possibilities are almost endless, but we lined up a few favorites anyway

Radio Bar Ramallah (Getty Images)
Radio Bar Ramallah (Getty Images)
26 באוקטובר 2017



If you are foreigner or work in Tech

The Snobar (pine nut in Arabic), sometimes referred to as the SnowBar, is a staple of Ramallah night life. It has a swimming pool, bar and restaurant on the premises, all surrounded by pine trees, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The rustic feel and arresting view, along with the live concerts, large selection of food, drinks and shishas, make this place a true hot-spot during the summer months. Locals and foreigners, Palestinian Tech workers and young people who have time to idle all dutifully gather by the pool. The place closes during the winter.

Radio Bar or Garage Cafe

If you are an artist or a hipster  

The Radio Bar, formally Beit Aneeseh, is a bar, restaurant and art center in an old stone house, located in the ritzy Al-Masyoun neighborhood. There are live shows, guest DJs playing techno, house and hip-hop and art exhibitions. Just last week, the opening party for the Days of Cinema festival took place there (proving how ultra-cool the place actually is).  The Garage Cafe is another hipster gem of Ramallah, and is also popular among foreign journalists and NGO workers. In other words, this is the place for tap beer, burgers and intellectualism.  

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Aleppo Cafe

If you are a student short on cash

For many students, money (or lack thereof) plays a major part on a night out. This cafe is a great alternative for its expensive counterparts, and is especially favoured by youngsters and students who often spend the better part of their days in its confines. Additional points are scored for the great design and vicinity to the city centre. If you are still not swayed, you may be interested to know this is the place in the city for endless sessions of backgammon, chess or board games – and shisha, of course.

The Cave

If you like to see and be seen

One of the best known and busiest bars of Ramallah, with its share of (mainly) local regulars, The Cave features great live music and eternally-occupied tables. Be warned that an innocent sip in The Cave could quickly escalate to a drinking spree, complete with dancing between the tables. To help tone things down, place serves food around the clock.